Strategic Fundraising Services

Empower, engage, act & change

As a partner, Wendy Brooks Consulting provides you with the skills, experience and network to build your capacity. This not only empowers your organisation but also enables you to empower the people that you are are providing services to.

These days a deep level of engagement is required to attract the support necessary to “shift the dial” significantly. We work with you on a customised, multi-touch point stewardship program to broaden and deepen your engagement with donors, supporters, partners and prospects.

A key part of our process is the development of a detailed, strategic plan of action that describes how your goals will be achieved. This enables you to:

  • Focus on the important things
  • Achieve the biggest impact
  • Most efficiently use your limited time and resources

To inspire change, you need to have a sound foundation based on your organisational capacity and a clear focus on the programs that will make the most difference.

Our strategic approach is designed to match your resources and capabilities with the best opportunities in the community to lead, leverage and implement social change.

Unique Approach

Wendy Brooks Consulting has a “strategy-first” approach where the first thing we do is develop a powerful strategy that ensures you are in the strongest possible position to attract funding. To do this we apply our proven, unique two-stage process:

    1. Develop a Strategic Impact Plan. This is a framework, based on the impact you are having in the community, that you can use for making big decisions
      1. It includes the identification of your top priority projects and any organisational capacity gaps
    2. Develop and implement a tactical, actionable Strategic Fundraising Plan that attracts the funding you need to maximise your impact.
      1. This includes fundraising goals, strategies for how to achieve each of your goals and a detailed tactics timeline and budget for all the actions in the plan. It also includes a process for identifying and engaging with “best-chance” funders and a plan for developing all the key documents that funders require.

Working with you to implement the fundraising plan is one of the distinctive features of our unique approach. We don’t write a high-level plan and then leave you to work out the details. We define exactly what needs to be done and then work side-by-side with you to execute all the actions in the plan.

Key Deliverables

  • Strategic Impact Plan
  • Strategic Fundraising Plan
  • Case for Support
  • Project Business Plans
  • List of best-chance funders
  • Donor Stewardship Program

Other services

Wendy Brooks Consulting can provide a range of additional customised services to build capacity in your organisation and ensure your operations are both effective and efficient. These include:

  • Bequest program
  • Governance and management advice
  • Business Plan
  • Corporate Partnership/Sponsorship Program
  • Social Media and Communications Strategy
  • Skills-based Volunteer Program
  • Outsourced administration services.

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