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We work across the international development, health and medical research, disability, social welfare and family services, education, environment and arts sectors.

It feels like a collaborative partnership with the team from Wendy Brooks Consulting who ensure they get to know and understand what your organisation does and wants to achieve. I have found them to be skilled in grant applications and very supportive, professional and willing to go the extra mile to complete a grant. Their specialist knowledge proved invaluable and has really helped us achieve our strategic plan.

David Poynter
Senior Manager, Business Development and Innovation,OzChild


beyondblue has been working with Wendy Brooks Consulting (WBC) since Oct 2014. The value provided by WBC has led to the utilisation of WBC as a permanent outsourced resource to focus on obtaining funds from Trusts and Foundations.

WBC via Kaylene Dawson and her associates operate as though they are part of an internal team. Kaylene is well versed with the projects being undertaken by our Program areas and they communicate seamlessly, due to her knowledgeable, efficient and genial approach. Kaylene is well supported by her WBC associates on the days she is not available, including when working to tight deadlines for grant submissions.

In our first 12 months of working together we have won four grant submissions. We anticipate our wins will gain momentum as we plan and cost projects more in advance.

WBC has opened doors for beyondblue to Trusts and Foundations who are “under the radar” and ones that we would not have come across ourselves, both nationally and internationally.

Wendy is also very giving, shares information and provides support in areas outside of what her firm is employed to do.

Sue Boyce
General Manager, Fundraising, Partnerships and Community Engagement

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