Effective Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility Services

A dedicated team from Wendy Brooks Consulting helps to develop a robust strategy and strong processes to guide your philanthropic giving and ensure that your investment in the community has the greatest possible impact.

We analyse the issues in the community and identify current and potential projects that could significantly “disrupt” or contribute to addressing these needs.

Our approach is to work with you over time to help you maximise the impact of your philanthropy. We provide you with a fixed fee quote and charge on a monthly basis for our services.

Our services include:

  • Development of Mission and Vision for the philanthropist, business, family or charitable trust;
  • Development of Philanthropy Strategy;
  • Development of Corporate Social Responsibility Program Strategy;
  • Development of Administration and decision making processes;
  • Strategic advice and research of key areas of interest;
  • Identification of and introduction to potential NFPs and projects;
  • Due diligence and review of grant applications;
  • Ongoing engagement with grant recipients (communications, review of acquittals, reports, acknowledgement and recognition etc.);
  • Workshop and development of Philanthropy Strategy;
  • Governance and administrative advice.